January 19, 2016

Resolving `module isn't defined` error in Electron

Well, I got a chance lately to build a desktop app for DoSelect and we came across this weird issue

moment not defined

We use moment.js for a couple of things. One of the answer from Stack Overflow suggested to turn node-integration : false but we needed node-integration for some other purposes. So, what/where is the problem?

module is defined, even in the browser-side scripts. This causes moment.js to ignore the window object and use module, so the other scripts won’t find moment in global scope. When node-integration is true, moment.js sees that it is running in a CommonJS environment and expects to be used as such.

After looking into the following code ..

{% highlight javascript %} //! moment.js //! license : MIT //! momentjs.com . . . function makeGlobal(shouldDeprecate) { /*global ender:false */ if (typeof ender !== ‘undefined’) { return } oldGlobalMoment = globalScope.moment if (shouldDeprecate) { globalScope.moment = deprecate( ‘Accessing Moment through the global scope is ’ + ‘deprecated, and will be removed in an upcoming ’ + ‘release.’, moment) } else { globalScope.moment = moment } } . . . if (hasModule) { module.exports = moment } else if (typeof define === ‘function’ && define.amd) { define(‘moment’, function (require, exports, module) { if (module.config && module.config() && module.config().noGlobal === true) { // release the global variable globalScope.moment = oldGlobalMoment } return moment }) makeGlobal(true) } else { makeGlobal() } {% endhighlight %}

.. it is evident that, the issue is because globalScope.moment = moment is not being set because the conditons ended up true which resulted in window.moment returning undefined

Solution would be, loading moment.js via require instead of script tag. Like this,

{% highlight javascript %} window.moment = require(‘/path/to/moment.js’) {% endhighlight %}


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