July 31, 2015

Dockerizing sTeam

I am currently working with sTeam collaboration platform as a GSoC dev under FOSSASIA umbrella. sTeam has a lot of depencencies. A lot! One major issue faced by developers was version conflict between dependencies. Docker seemed to solve this issue. Docker is a great image distribution model for server templates. It uses btrfs (a copy-on-write filesystem) to keep track of filesystem diff’s which can be committed and collaborated on with other users (like git). ... Read more

January 1, 0001

GSoC 2015 with FOSSASIA - Mid-term report

TL;DR No Chicken Little, the sky is not falling. Well. I’ve been selected for GSoC under organization FOSSASIA and I am working on the project sTeam Collaboration platform, mentored by awesome guys Martin and Aruna. It is mid term already and as planned I am half way through the project. If you haven’t seen my past blogposts, go check them out to get clear idea of the project. sTeam is a document based collaboration platform. ... Read more

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